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MakeAA+ Cubensis
Manufactuer ID
According to our research, Albino A+ also known as AA + was released by Mr. G around 2009. He had an A+ grow that was leucistic which was then stabilized. Its the first Leucistic cubensis to become domesticated and distributed into the community since the hobby became popular. It was named Albino A+ even though it really is not an albino.

MakeRusty Whyte Cubensis
Manufactuer ID
PatsyWhyte is a pillar in the mushroom community. His name is recognized throughout the internet for good reason. Not only has he spent countless hours studying and contributing to the myco-c0mmunity but he has been the first since Workman to cross a cubensis and stabilize it. Rustywhyte is the first white mushroom with red spores that was available when it was released. This variety is known to have higher than average potency an extremely beautiful cubensis indeed to be remembered for generations!

MakeCambodian Cubensis
Manufactuer ID
This rare strain comes from the ancient temple of Angkor Wat located in South East Asia (modern day Cambodia). This particular mushroom was used regularly by the early inhabitants of the area and was considered a central focus of their religious ceremonies for centuries. This is one of the far eastern strains that researcher John Allen has brought back to the US from his forays to the sacred lands of South East Asia Cambodian proves time and again what a reliable study it can be. This is among the top ten strains of all time.

MakePanaeolus Cyanescens
Manufactuer ID
This is a Panaeolus Cyanescens Found in Jalasco Mexico of 2019 and just now being released to the public. We are one of the very few websites that has this available. Here is your chance to own this rare and precious new find for those who love Pan Cyan and those new to this hobby. This is a must for your collection!

MakeMelmac Revert
Manufactuer ID
Melmac revert is just Homestead Penis Envy that has reverted back into a more gnarly traditional looking mushroom as opposed to a penis looking mutant. Kind of like how Albino Penis Envy Revert has reverted into a more traditional looking mushroom. Homestead Penis Envy is the original Penis Envy genetics from back in the day when Homestead Book Company sold grow kits. Prior to Sporeworks stabilizing there version of Penis Envy. And for many many years sporeworks penis envy was the only type of penis envy spores that was available but a couple of years ago Homestead Penis Envy revived back into the community with a new name as we know now as Melmac. After Melmac was released into the public soon after a reverted version has been stabilized and now we have it Melmac revert. Rarely a stabilized mushroom mutates back into normal non-mutated look. This reverted mutant has recently come into existence and luckily the community has its chance to get a hold of some spores. This just might be your favorite cubensis!

MakePenis Envy #6
Manufactuer IDSpore Swabs
Albino Penis Envy 6 is less than 4 months old. Fortunately by a stroke of luck someone got very lucky with penis envy 6 by having a very rare TRUE albino pop up. Yes this is a true albino meaning it is white and has translucent spores so the spores are basically invisible. The spores have been collected so that you can enjoy these unique and extremely rare mushroom spores. It has just been released to the public! You will be one of the first people in the world to own it! This is the first generation of this variety so it is not stable yet meaning it produces a mix of albino and pigmented mushrooms.

MakeLizard King
Manufactuer ID
Lizard King is a very popular Psilocybe Cubensis variety found in Mexico by someone named Lizard King, according to the Internet. It sounds like the variety name is a tribute to Jim Morrison. It is a garden variety cube strain with average potency, speed of colonization, and harvest results. One common characteristic in the report reviewed is that the strain completes each flush very quickly. A good choice for beginners.

MakeLeucistic Golden Teachers
Manufactuer ID

Manufactuer ID
The B+ origins have become a thing of legend.Microscopy spore print on aluminum foil. Alacabenzi psilocybe cubensis is a world class mushroom. This is certainly one of our all time favorites to study. The mushrooms are gigantic in the wild, and produce very beautiful, symmetric shaped mushrooms. This high performing strain is said to be a cross between the strains Mexican cubensis, and Alabama cubensis and was originally created on Vancouver Island, BC. While Mexican is known for its strength and spiritual aspects, Alabama is known for its size. Alacabenzi appears to have gotten the best of both worlds as it is easy to grow and produces beautiful mushrooms. B+ is a classic cube and has been one of the most popular commercial cubes in history. It is very domesticated, and a good candidate, if you plan to use multispore. Nobody knows exactly where the cube which became B+ came from. Mr G... who, "Created" B+ swears it is a Psilocybe cubensis/azurescens hybrid... MOST people disagree with this statement... and chalk it up as a marketing ploy. Nobody has been able to prove the B+ is an Azure hybrid. It would be rather miraculous if Mr. G. succeeded. It is safe to say his claims are BEYOND belief. There is no evidence to suggest cubes and azures could be crossed in this way. Although, some people say the caps of B+ resemble the cap of an Azure... and there are a few reports suggesting B+ spores may share some Azure traits as well. This is likely just wishful thinking. B+ is known for its LARGE fruits. You will likely need a well hydrated cake/casing/tub to get the most out of B+... otherwise the shrooms may not reach their full potential.

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