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MakeDiamond Archery
ModelBow Package
Manufactuer ID
For maximum adjustability and unlimited value Diamond Archery has released the Infinite Edge. Pushing the limits of performance the Infinite Edge is so versatile that it will be the last bow you’ll ever have to buy. It features an incredible draw length range of 13-30 inches and draw weight range from 5-70 pounds to provide dependability throughout an archer’s development.Package includes an Apex 3 pin Sight capture arrow rest bow quiver string loop and Tube peep sight. Mfg: Diamond Archery
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MakeUnited Cutlery
ModelBow and Arrow of Tauriel
Manufactuer IDUC3031
Weight and Dimensions are unknown Tauriel is a Silvan Elf and daughter of Mirkwood. A favorite of King Thranduil and Captain of his Woodland Guard she is an expert fighter and extremely fast and agile in battle. Her signature weapons are twin daggers and a bow. The bow is a deadly accurate traditional recurve design used by the Woodland Guard ornately carved with leaf motifs and hoof-shaped string nocks. United® Cutlery’s replica is crafted of steel-reinforced polyresin with precise detailing and colors to exactly match the movie prop. It is presented with a poly stone wall mount featuring a graphic motif of Tauriel. Bow: 48” overall; Arrow: 42” overall

ModelMini RH Camo Lost Bow Only
Manufactuer ID12236
Genesis Mini Bow - Right Handed Lost camo Bow Only
Manufacture ID: 12236

The Mini Genesis - a smaller lighter version of the Original Genesis bow that allows youngsters to shoot.

Just like the Original Genesis the Mini offers “zero let-off” so that there is no set draw length. Rather the Mini Genesis can be drawn to a wide range of lengths whatever fits that particular young shooter. Yet the zero let-off feature helps to “pull” the string from the fingers upon release making it easy to shoot. And at only 2 pounds physical weight the bow is easy for youngsters to draw and aim without getting fatigued.


- Mini Genesis Starts em Younger!

- Smaller lighter version of original Genesis bow allows youngsters to shoot

- Featuring the same revolutionary technology as the Original Genesis bow the Mini Genesis is scaled to fit even smaller-framed youngsters.

- Weighing only 2 pounds and with adjustable draw weights of 6 to 12 pounds the Mini Genesis fits even pre-schoolers who are ready for the unique thrills of archery.

- 29 1/8 axle-to-axle length

- 6 1/8 brace height

- Adjustable draw weight 6-12 pounds

- Draw length range of 14-25 inches

- 2 pounds mass weight

- Carbon cable guard

- With the Genesis kids of all sizes and physical abilities along with their family members and friends can share in the joy of archery. The Mini Genesis builds on that opportunity by giving even younger kids an opportunity to shoot a “real” bow and arrow.

- Color: Camo lost

- Right handed

MakeGrey Eagle Traders
ModelWild Turkey 55 Pound Compound Bow
Manufactuer ID MKCB55B
  • Compound black bow.
  • Overall length 42 in. draw length 29 in.
  • 206 ft. Per second.
  • Arrow size 30 in.
  • Arrows and quiver not included.
  • Item weight - 5 lbs.

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