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ModelTASER® X-26 Level 2 Duty Holster
Manufactuer ID(Black Matte Finish)
Made specifically to meet the demands of duty officers, the TASER® X-26 Duty Holster gives you the benefits of the SERPA Autolock system for your TASER X-26.Features:Automatically engages the safety when re-holsteringHolster bottom is configured to block the probes in case of accidental activationTrigger and trigger guard are completely enclosed inside holsterCarries TASER® X26 with optional camera unit attachedExtended coverage protects polycarbonate digital readout windowBelt loop fits most duty beltsRigid holster body delivers improved retentionProtects cartridge in holsterDesigned to hold the TASER® X26 Cartridge Holder (sold separately)Please note: This item does not contain a TASER® X26 or TASER® X26 Cartridge. This is only the holster.

ModelLevel 2 Duty SERPA Holster
Manufactuer ID

Based on our popular SERPA Tactical Holster, this jacket-slot belt-loop version gives both the tactical operative and patrol officer the option of SERPA’s retention and speed in a duty-style holster. Whether worn as part of your duty rig or as a belt-mounted holster for tactical use, you get the same great SERPA technology with this Level 2 duty holster.

  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA® Auto Lock™ release
  • Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
  • Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security
  • Full-length holster body protects rear sights
  • Reduced gun profile supports communityfriendly look
  • Same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty
  • Includes angle-adjustable jacket-slot belt loop
  • Black
  • Specify right or left hand
  • Fits weapon models including:
    • Beretta 92 Standard or A1 w/rails (not including Brigadier Elite)
    • Beretta 96 Standard or A1 w/rails (not including Brigadier Elite)
    • Beretta M9 Standard or A1 w/rails (not including Brigadier Elite)
    • Colt 1911 & Clones w/ or w/o rails
    • Glock 17
    • Glock 19
    • Glock 20
    • Glock 21
    • Glock 21SF
    • Glock 22
    • Glock 23
    • Glock 31
    • Glock 32
    • Glock 37
    • Glock 38
    • S&W M&P AL models w/ or w/o rails
    • Sig 220 w/ or w/o rails
    • Sig 225 w/ or w/o rails
    • Sig 226 w/ or w/o rails
    • Sig 228 w/ or w/o rails
    • Sig 229 w/ or w/o rails
    • Sig Pro 2022

[Patented 5,918,784 and other patents pending]


ModelSERPA Tactical Holster
Manufactuer IDLevel 2, Black

Developed in response to operator demand, this tactical thigh version of BlackHawk SERPA Technology Retention Holster offers you unequaled speed and comfort, plus the security of the BlackHawk SERPA locking system.

  • Durable Carbon-Fiber Composite material
  • Thigh platform designed for breathability and conforms/molds to leg size
  • Y-Harness suspension distributes weight for load comfort
  • Swivel buckles on belt loops allow articulation for maximum flexibility
  • BlackHawk SERPA lock secures weapon until ergonomically released by simple indexing of finger
  • Drawing and reholstering is done with full master grip on weapon
  • Tension screw for additional security
  • Hole in BlackHawk SERPA holster body for bungee retention if desired
  • Right-handed or Left-handed
  • Specify gun make and model
  • Color: Black

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