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MakeCapital Structure and Profitability
ModelS&P 500 Enterprises in the Light of the 2008 Financial Crisis
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The present study aims to investigate to what extent capital structure has an impact on profitability and closely associated factors due to a series of bankruptcies and bail-outs within the last twelve months. The analysis refers to firms listed in the S&P 500 index on January 2004 and evaluates their performance from 2004 to 2008. The results show strong industry-specific characteristics for all factors observed, i.e. gearing, profitability, liquidity, investments and dividends. In addition, findings indicate a negative effect of higher gearing for almost all ten sectors in respect of the core variables analysed. Neither the trade-off nor the pecking order theory can be confirmed, however, more support for the former is found. Due to the complexity of capital structure choice, regulations have very limited effects that require the need for independent non-governmental monitoring agencies to improve transparency and have the authority to intervene if managers act at the expense of public interest.
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Make Standard & Poor's 500 Guide
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With an average market capitalization exceeding $10 billion, the companies listed in the S&P 500 Index are the most watched in America. The 1999 edition of S&P's 500 Guide features all the latest market intelligence on these 500 companies, delivers exclusive S&P rankings that gauge their growth and stability, and provides the kind of detailed, up-to-date information so necessary for everything from making smart investments, to checking out a corporate competitor, or even evaluating a prospective employer.

MakeStandard & Poor's 500 Guide
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What do individual investors, money managers, analysts, brokers, and financial writers and editors have in common? All turn to Standard & Poor's, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, for securities information that is second to none. S&P's Guides, totally updated for the year 2000, deliver the same data and analyses used by today's top investment professionals. Each book puts these unique features at the reader's fingertips: * Vital data on earnings, dividends, and share prices * Key income and balance sheet statistics * Exclusive S&P buy, sell, or hold recommendations for each stock * Exclusive S&P outlook for every stock's price * Computer-generated screens showing superior stock picks in different categories * Company addresses, numbers, and names of top officers

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