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Makelectronic Commerce and the Revolution in Financial Markets
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Written by authors intimately involved in researching and shaping the ongoing transformation in financial markets, this comprehensive book offers a rare inside look at the day-to-day operations and developments of the dynamic marketplace. Clearly and concisely outlining how Internet technology impacts financial markets, Electronic Commerce and the Revolution in Financial Markets includes a re-examination of how financial markets like the Nasdaq and NYSE actually work, which parties are involved, how the price is produced, how transactions are settled and much more.

ModelAnalysis and Management
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This bestseller teaches readers not only how to identify successful investment opportunities, but how to anticipate and deal with investment problems and controversies. Jones carefully and gradually develops key concepts, while covering all the necessary background material. Only essential formulas are included. It's one of the most readable, comprehensible investments titles available * Details the variety of securities available, the markets in which they are traded, mechanics of securities training, and insight into the important concept of risk and return. * Examines portfolio analysis, valuation and management of stocks and bonds. * Complete discussion of Exchange Traded Funds, operations on NYSE and NASDAQ, margin trading, electronic communication networks, global investing, and technical analysis.

MakeEstimating a Structural Model of Herd Behavior in Financial Markets
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We develop a new methodology to estimate the importance of herd behavior in financial markets: we build a structural model of informational herding that can be estimated with financial transaction data. In the model, rational herding arises because of information-event uncertainty. We estimate the model using data on a NYSE stock (Ashland Inc.) during 1995. Herding often arises and is particularly pervasive on some days. The proportion of herd buyers (sellers) is 2 percent (4 percent) and is greater than 10 percent in 7 percent (11 percent) of information-event days. Herding causes important informational inefficiencies, amounting, on average, to 4 percent of the expected asset value.
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MakeNot Your Grandma's Stock Market
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This Element is an excerpt from Crapshoot Investing: How Tech Savvy Traders and Clueless Regulators Turned the Stock Market into a Casino (9780132599689) by Jim McTague. Available in print and digital formats. The revolutionary change in the stock markets that you didn't noticeand the profound impact it will have on your investments. A revolution inexorably altered the American stock market beginning in 2007; but outside the industry, few realized it had occurred. As late as 2010, the average investor still believed that the stock market was dominated by two major exchanges: NYSE and NASDAQ. In fact, it had expanded to more than a dozen registered equity exchanges and more than 200 other stock-trading venues. .
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MakeThe Unseen Wall Street of 1969-1975
ModelAnd Its Significance for Today
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From long, firsthand experience as president of his own financial advertising agency, Alec Benn offers a unique, inside look at America's investment community, at a time of changes so profound that their impact and implications are still with us. Based not on public relations handouts (although he himself has written them) but on frank, revealing talks with people who actually participated in the events of those tumultuous seven years, on official oral histories (hitherto concealed), and on his own keen observations, Benn shows how those events and changes really occurred. He reveals that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was in far greater peril of collapse in 1970 than anyone, except a few insiders, has ever known. He exposes how many of the most significant changes ever to affect investors really came about. And he provides new insights into the people who caused, influenced, or sometimes opposed the reforms we now take for granted, as well as into the impact of historical figures such as Richard Nixon and Ross Perot. Informative, entertaining, and impeccably researched and documented, Benn's book gives us new information to help evaluate the investment world of today, and to appreciate how dangerous it was at another time, a time that some say appears uncomfortably familiar. Among the many topics Benn examines in depth is the creation of the Securities Investors Protection Corporation, the agency that insures against loss of the cash and securities left by investors in their brokers' hands. He shows how stock brokers' commissions came to be competitive and low, instead of fixed and high (a special benefit for today's day traders), and how members of the New York Stock Exchange became able to sell shares in their firms to the general public, opening a bountiful source of permanent capital. He goes on to cover the creation of the Central Certificate System, which led to a dramatic increase in trading volume later, and how the NYSE was reorganized, benefiting not only members but investors as well. Benn also explores how NYSE member firms became authorized to sell annuities and other insurance products, in itself a billion-dollar business. Finally, in an especially telling chapter, he discusses how and why discrimination on Wall Street based on class, religion, race, and gender declined (and by inference, why in some places it still lingers.)

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