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MakeBiography of Stephen Colbert
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This book is part of Hyperink's best little books series. This best little book is 3,000+ words of fast, entertaining information on a highly demanded topic. Based on reader feedback (including yours!), we may expand this book in the future. If we do so, we'll send a free copy to all previous buyers. ABOUT THE BOOK Stephen Colbert of is not your average talk show host. Unlike other late night funnymen, on The Colbert Report, Colbert plays a caricature of cable television news pundits, allowing him to engage in incisive political commentary through the right-wing wisdom he spouts, never stepping out of character. Following the debut ofThe Colbert Report in October of 2005, it seemed unlikely that Colbert would be a long term success. However, over six years later, Colbert is more than holding his own. He has become as important a satirical voice in politics and current events as his mentor and faux rival, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. How many other practicing Catholics who moonlight as a Sunday School teacher can claim to have as much of an impact on Liberal America? While mockery of politicians and members of the media is nothing new, Colberts jabs have often drawn more attention than those of the average comedian. His mockery of President Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents Association Dinner earned him a chilly glance and a nod from the former president. In 2010, Colbert appeared before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, and Border Security after he spent a day with migrant workers in New York, where he comically described his experience. MEET THE AUTHOR Jeff Shand-Lubbers specializes in absolutely nothing yet still enjoys writing about a variety of topics, including current events, politics, baseball, survey research, technology issues, and anything else he finds even remotely interesting. After growing up in the Midwest he has spent the last few years moving from the east coast to the west coast before again finally settling on the east coast. His free time is spent waiting for the Detroit Tigers to finally win the World Series and keeping up with the endless energy of his 2 year old son. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Colbert did not exactly run with the cool crowd as a kid. He described himself as detached, particularly after the death of his father and his brothers. He devoted his energy to consuming science fiction and fantasy novels, and to this day is an admitted devotee of Lord of the Rings; he claims to have no idea how many times he has read it. Colberts first job after college (he first went to Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, followed by two years at Northwestern University) was selling souvenirs at The Second City, an improvisational comedy company. He was soon hired to travel with The Second City and immediately served as the understudy for no other than comedian and future The Daily Show correspondent Steve Carell. Buy a copy to keep reading! CHAPTER OUTLINE Biography of
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