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MakeBill Bradley
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More than 100 Pages Filled with Riveting Facts on Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees with Information That Will Never Go Out of Date Basketball Hall of Famers is an exciting sports biography series that provides an in-depth look at some of the greatest all-around players the hardwood has ever seen, with information that will never go out of date. Absorbing accounts of their lives, featuring highlights from each player's childhood to his professional NBA career and beyond, are profiled. Young people of all ages will find themselves attracted to these colorful books that are overflowing with action photographs of the stars at their best.

MakeA Sense of Where You Are
ModelBill Bradley at Princeton
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First published in 1965, A Sense of Where You Are is the literary equivalent of a harmonic convergence, a remarkable confluence of two talents--John McPhee and Bill Bradley--at the beginning of what would prove to be long and distinguished careers. While McPhee would blossom into one of the best nonfiction writers of the last 35 years, Bradley segued from an all-American basketball player at Princeton, to Rhodes Scholar, to NBA star, to three terms in the U.S. Senate. McPhee noticed greatness in Bradley from the start; the book is an extension of a lengthy magazine profile McPhee wrote early in Bradley's senior year; the title comes from Bradley always knowing his position in relation to the basket. What's so noteworthy about the book is the greatness it promised--both for writer and for subject, a greatness both have delivered through the years again and again.

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