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MakeCentrex or PBX
Manufactuer ID
If you have the responsibility to design, upgrade and manage data networks to carry IP Telephony (voice, video and data); need help in evaluating competing IP-Centrex and IP-PBX systems; or need guidance in specifying the parameters for a service level agreement for IP-Centrex, this unique reference provides you with the knowledge you need to get the job done right. It enables you to more accurately estimate the time and resources needed to implement IP Telephony in your organization. The book describes the IP-Centrex option of having the telephone company take responsibility for the service delivery and offers the kind of information service providers need to improve marketing and sales campaigns for IP-Centrex services.
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MakePBX Security and Forensics
Manufactuer ID
PBX Security and Forensics presents readers with theoretical and practical background for Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs). PBX is privately owned equipment that serve the communication needs of a private or public entity making connections among internal telephones and linking them to other users in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Targeted damages and attacks in PBXs can cause significant instability and problems. The author provides examples of these threats and how to prevent against such attacks in the future. Readers will also be shown where to find forensics data and how to conduct relevant analysis.
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MakeIntroduction to Private Telephone Systems
ModelKts, Pbx, Hosted Pbx, IP Centrex, CTI, Ipbx and Wpbx
Manufactuer ID2nd Edition
This book provides an introduction to the different types of private telephone systems, how they operate and common call processing features they offer. Private telephone systems are communication equipment and software that are owned, leased or operated by the companies that use these systems. Private telephone systems are converting from company unique (proprietary) circuit switched systems to industry standard packet data voice (IP Telephony) systems. You will learn the basics of IP Telephony voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and why it is so important to private telephone systems. The fundamental parts of private telephone systems are described including telephone stations, local wiring, switching systems, and numbering plans are described and explained. The high growth market for private telephone systems and the key trends are covered providing you with an understanding of which system types are growing the fastest and how some systems are evolving to better compete in the industry. Covered are the different types of private telephone systems. You will discover how multiline key telephone systems (KTS) operate and why they are converting from mechanical systems to automated electronic controlled networks. You will learn how automatic switching systems are used by private branch exchange (PBX) systems to provide features and services not offered by public telephone companies. Explained are the ways private telephone systems can be operated (hosted) by other companies (Hosted PBX/Centrex) and how these systems can provide services similar to PBX telephone systems. Discover how telephone systems can be combined with company information systems using computer telephony integration(CTI). You will learn how IP PBX (iPBX) systems operate and why IPTX is the fastest growing area in private telephone systems. You will learn some of the ways private telephone systems are adding wireless capabilities and industry standard wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) systems. Important call processing features including distinctive ringing, call hold, call transfer, call pickup, line hunting and other features are described. Advanced private telephone system features are explained including automated attendant systems, automatic call distribution (ACD), Interactive voice response (IVR) and Voice mail (VM). A basic introduction to call centers is also included.

Maketelecom Made Simple
ModelLEC, IXC, PBX, and LAN
Manufactuer ID
This book explains how various telecommunications systems and services work. It is a well-known fact that telecommunication technology and services are continually changing. Authors and industry veterans Lawrence J. Harte and Avi Ofrane understands these changes in the industry and provides descriptions and diagrams of typical interconnection arrangements for pubic and private telephone systems, data networks, inter-exchange systems, wireless, billing and customer care systems. If there were one book you could select for a big picture of the telecommunications industry, Telecom Made Simple is the best choice. Literally thousands of people who need to understand how telecommunications systems operate and the services that they offer have found previous works of these authors to be extremely valuable. Telecom Made Simple provides details of the latest telecommunications technologies and systems. Some of the most important topics featured are: - Identifies the latest telecommunications systems and their market trends. - Compares the different types of systems using easy to understand criteria. - Identifies new communication options available to companies and what systems they may upgrade or replace. - Explains telecommunication services that can be used to improve your job or enhance business operations. -Provides market assessments and trend analysis for the leading telecommunications industries. - Describes emerging technologies. - Gives an understanding of the economics associated with building and maintaining telecommunications systems. - Provides semi-technical descriptions of the key technologies used by telecommunications systems. - Gives an introduction to customer care and billingsystems. - How telephone competition is increasing the universal deployment of digital telephone systems.e

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