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Make Feminism, Breasts and Breast-Feeding
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This book uses a feminist approach to examine the vast amount of material on breast-feeding. Baby milk manufacture is usually seen as the sole cause of the decline in breast-feeding. Using interviews with women the author looks at other dimensions: the sexualization of breasts; the conditions under which infant feeding takes place and professional interventions into mothering. Policy documents and popular breast-feeding books are shown to be preoccupied with getting women to do what they deem natural rather than with women's real needs.
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MakeBabies, Breast Feeding and Bonding
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From the Introduction by Ina May Gaskin: "This book represents an attempt to set down the essential lore which I consider to be vital to the practice and transmission of the skill of breastfeeding, the knowledge of which was lost to general public during the period of almost total bottle-feeding. My purpose is to empower women so that they have a real choice whether or not to breastfeed." --- In this book, Ina May Gaskin brings her holistic and inspirational perspective to every aspect of breastfeeding - from physical and emotional concerns to social and political issues. Combining her many years of experience as a midwife and mother with the intuitive wisdom of breastfeeding practices through the world, the author offers a wealth of practical information invaluable for beginning as well as experienced mothers and fathers.

Make Breast Feeding and Sexuality
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Whereas in western countries breastfeeding is an uncontroversial, purely personal issue, in most parts of the world mother and baby form part of a network of interpersonal relations with its own rules and expectations. In this study, the author examines the cultural and social context of breastfeeding among the Gogo women of the Cigongwe's village in Tanzania, as part of the Paediatric Programme of Doctors with Africa, based in Padua. The focus is on mothers' behaviour and post partum taboos as key elements in Gogo understanding of the vicissitudes of the breast feeding process. This nutritional period is subject to many different events both physical and social that may upset the natural and intense link between mother and child. Any violation of cultural norms, particularly those dealing with sexual behaviour, marriage and reproduction, can, in the eyes of the Gogo, put at risk the correct development of an infant with serious consequences both for the baby's health as well as for the woman's image as mother and wife.
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