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ModelHeroin and the American City
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Smack Heroin and the American City Eric C. Schneider Winner of the Kenneth Jackson Best Book Award for 2008 from the Urban History Association "A sympathetic, engaging, and highly readable antidote to the war-ondrugs-style morality tale. At times the book reads like the award-winning and controversial HBO television series "The Wire." . . . Schneider draws his audience into a colorful narrative complete with larger-than-life characters, heart-tugging tragedies, and triumphant victories that complicate a more simplistic rendering of what constitutes right and wrong, legal and illegal, or mainstream and black market. He effectively humanizes the issue with testimony from users, dealers, traffickers, police, politicians, and educators to show how all parties in this conflict have struggled to bring justice and security to their communities."--"American Historical Review" "Schneider has produced that rarest of academic commodities--a page-turner. The book is exceedingly well written, and its fascinating research and analysis are sure to make it a central text in the field."--"Journal of American History" "Deeply researched and briskly written, with rare photographs and biographical vignettes to keep the narrative moving along, Smack . . . is a triumph of imaginative historical scholarship, though a bittersweet one, written by someone in obvious mourning for the drug-accelerated decline of America's great cities."--"Addiction" "Schneider's absorbing history of heroin's proliferation in America draws a parallel between the evolution and decline of American cities and the rise of heroin use. Rather than treating the city as a "backdrop," Schneider interprets cities as 'the organizers of the world opium market, ' and meticulously traces heroin's ascendancy from early 20th century opium dens to the 1920s jazz milieu and into the suburbs of the late 20th century when heroin finally attracted the attention of the mainstream media."--"Publisher's Weekly" "Since the end of World War II, American cities have been home to illicit drug markets where heroin has been among the most widely-sold products. "Smack" is Eric Schneider's masterful explanation of how heroin entered America's cities, who used it, what happened as a result and how obtuse public policy and naked corruption not only failed to check its distribution but sometimes even contributed to its spread. Schneider exposes the deep misconceptions underlying the nation's futile war on drugs and offers sane and realistic alternatives that, historic experience suggests, could work, if only public authorities have the courage and will."--Michael Katz, "The Price of Citizenship: Redefining the American Welfare State" Eric C. Schneider is Adjunct Associate Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania and author of "Vampires, Dragons, and Egyptian Kings: Youth Gangs in

MakeHeroin Century
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Heroin is a drug that myths are made of. Whether smuggled in the stomach of a camel or used as the ultimate symbol of lifestyle chic, no drug has been more argued over and legislated against, no drug has been more subject to misinformation and moral panic. Heroin Century sets the record straight. It contains a wealth of historical and medical information about this drug which made its first appearance as a miracle medicine over a hundred years ago and makes recommendations for its future in the twenty-first century. Evidence shows that heroin is dangerous principally because it is illegal. The authors argue that a more relaxed relationship between society and the drug would benefit both the economy and public health and safely. Individual chapters describe the history of heroin production; the makeup of heroin and evolving methods of use; the spread of heroin and international efforts at control; typical career patterns of users, ranging from occasional recreational use to destructive dependence; the subjective experience of taking heroin; the association between heroin and crime; the use of heroin in medicine and its effects on physical health; the history of the treatment of heroin dependence; and likely changes in heroin use in the future. The authors have drawn on literary and artistic sources as well as the large pool of scientific literature to compile a comprehensive and fascinating account of this world-changing drug. Heroin Century makes available a wealth of information about the history, chemistry, pharmacology and medical aspects of heroin in a form accessible to anyone who wishes to participate in the contemporary debate bout society's attitude to drugs.

MakeThe Little Book of Heroin
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Many people believe that everyone who uses heroin is addicted. In fact, this is true of only about 20 percent of heroin users. By clearing up common misconceptions like these, this book provides information that can save the lives of people using the drug. The author recounts heroin's history, details its chemistry, tells what users need to know to avoid addiction, and demystifies the life of a user: from buying to administering to detoxing and staying clean.

MakeHeroin: The Rapids of My Life
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Even though Oren Elow had never tried heroin, he'd always heard that it was a gift from the goddess. So he didn't hesitate to try it when his buddies offered him his first hit of heroin-a hit that would make him a heroin slave and one that would define so many of his following years. In this memoir, Elow shares his life's narrative-from growing up in Louisiana with an alcoholic father and loving mother who later divorced, to his years on Boston's streets as a heroin addict, to his time spent behind bars for a variety of transgressions, and to the effect his addiction had on his wife and children. Through anecdotes and stories, "Heroin" addresses the stark realities of life as a junkie and a convict and provides insight into the mindset of an addict. Elow narrates a broad view of his life-fighting addiction and triumphing over it.

MakeA Small Journal of Heroin Addiction
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Robin Marchesi's brilliant autobiographical book is at once a fine work of literature, and an uplifting if grim inspirational work to encourage those grappling with drug addiction. In any case, it is fascinating reading for the poetically minded in general. Mr. Marchesi's journal intermingles equally powerful threads of pure poetry and stream of consciousness prose. In Part I (Rosales), Mr. Marchesi vividly and richly captures the true story of his travels across Europe in 1979 and the epiphany of his incarceration in the Spanish Foreign Legion prison at Ceuta. In Part 2 (Mission) he recounts his journey to San Francisco around 1999 to rescue a young protege who was badly hooked on junk. Mr. Marchesi echoes something of the dark intensity of the earlier Beat Generation (a touch of Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, and City Lights) as well as his own 1960s generation. More importantly, he convincingly and artistically captures the timelessness of what happens when human beings and dangerous substances mix in bad ways. Despite moments of despair, he never loses sight of his optimism.

MakeHeroin and Your Veins
ModelThe Incredibly Disgusting Story
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Although snorting and smoking heroin are increasingly popular methods of use, most addicts eventually begin injecting the drug intravenously. This powerful book looks at the path that heroin takes from needle to vein and through the bloodstream. Vivid photos and accessible text show the damage that heroin use does to the most important body systems.

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