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MakeBill Hicks & Co, LTD
Manufactuer IDC140076812

Stunningly compact and fast the TenPoint Venom Crossbow sports the popular FSB (;Functionally Superior Bullpup); stock a new shorter 19.9 in. woven carbon fiber barrel and supercharged XLT (;Xtreme Limb Technology); bow assembly. Equipped with New HE2 (;Hybrid Eccentric 2); Cams and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables with a hard yoke system the Venom';s 185-pound bow assembly launches the Pro Lite arrow at 372 fps. axle to axle when cocked it is the perfect fit for the hunter demanding a light fast and compact crossbow.
Inspired by the Stealth SS and Vapor models the Venom combines TenPoint’s popular FSB stock and a new shortened 19.9-inch woven carbon fiber barrel with a supercharged version of the XLT bow assembly to create a super light and ultra-compact model that delivers a vicious hit at 372 FPS with the TenPoint Pro Lite arrow.

Package Contents
  • TenPoint’s RangeMaster Pro Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/;8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount
  • Instant Detach 3-Arrow Quiver
  • Ambidextrous Side-Mount Quiver Bracket
  • Six-pack of TenPoint Pro Elite carbon fiber arrows with practice points
  • TenPoint’s exclusive
  • Owner’s Instructional DVD
  • TenPoint vehicle window sticker

ModelMatrix 405 Mega-Mossy Oak Treestand Camo Bow Only
Manufactuer ID4050
Matrix 405 Mega-Mossy Oak Treestand Camo Bow Only
Manufacture ID: 4050

Matrix 4050 Bow Only

Make no mistake. This is the world’s most serious crossbow! Think of it as archery’s version of the African double-ri?e. It’s fun to own and shoot delivering blistering speeds and bone-crushing power but it’s not meant for tournament competitions or backyard target games.

That’s because the Matrix Mega 405 packs a lethal combination of power high speed and ?at-shooting performance. The compact Matrix Mega 405 weighs in at 6.2 pounds and features a 290-pound draw weight 13.87 power stroke and arrow speeds in excess of 405 fps. And yet it can be comfortably hand-cocked with Excalibur’s ef?cient rope cocking aid.


Velocity @ 350 Grain: 405 FPS†
Draw Weight: 290 lbs.
Power Stroke: 13.87
Mass Weight: 6.2 lbs.
Overall Length: 36.25
Finish: Mossy Oak Treestand®
Stock Style: Ergo-Grip
Brace Height: 1
Width “Un-cocked”: 30.62
Width “Cocked”: 24.75
Efficiency: 73.9%

ModelRaptor FX Package - Pink Quiver 3 - Arrows Scope
Manufactuer ID 78629
Raptor FX Package - Pink Quiver 3 - Arrows Scope
Manufacture ID: 78629

Lady Raptor FX (Pink) Crossbow Package


- Draw Weight: 150 lbs
- Ft. lbs of Energy: 97
- Power Stroke: 12.5
- FPS: 330
- Mass Weight: 6.5 lbs
- Length: 34.25
- Width: 18
- Arrow Lgth./Grain: 20/400


- 4x32 Multi-Rectile Scope
- Rope Cocking Device
- 3 Arrow Quiver
- 3 20 Headhunter Arrows


- CNC Machined 7/8 Picatinny Rail
- Custom Composite Laminated Limbs
- High Energy Cam System
- Finger Reminders and Pass-Through Foregrip
- Lightweight Composite Stock
- CROSSWIRE String and Cable System
- Adjustable Butt Pad
- High Definition Camo Finish
- 16 Axle to Axle
- Anti Dry Fire: This ADF (Anti Dry Fire) Trigger is a state of the art mechanism that protects the user from shooting the weapon without an arrow in place. The patented Anti Dry Fire Trigger has a spring loaded redundant safety bar that remains in place until the arrow is seated properly which finally allows the user to switch the safety off and shoot the bow.
- Metal Injected Mold: MIM (Metal Injected Mold) trigger is metal injected molded which allows for the tightest quality tolerances available. This accounts for the refreshingly smooth trigger pull at 3.5 pounds. Less jerking and ultimately tighter groups.
- Anti Vibration Isolation: AVI (Anti Vibration Isolation) patented high compression over molded limbs and/or components. This reduces noise and vibration by up to 30%. AVi also helps prevent inadvertent nicks and scratches and provides a protective barrier.

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