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NASDAQ brings together, in one volume, a comprehensive annotated bibliography of books, theses and dissertations, US Government reports, journal articles, journals and serials, indexes and abstracts, databases, and websites from 1939 to May 2000.
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MakeThe NASDAQ Investor
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Techniques and strategies to invest in exciting, profitable Nasdaq companies today--as well as for the next 100 years" MSFT...CSCO...INTL...Nasdaq stocks are leading the charge into a new century. The Nasdaq Investor is the first practical guide to concentrate specifically on riding the Nasdaq wave and taking part in today's most exciting, high-growth market. It explains specific trading strategies, methods for managing risk, stocks that stand poised to soar, and more. Uncovering the truths and fallacies behind Nasdaq, financial writer Max Isaacman reveals how investors can understand this explosive market--and reap the rewards of the new Internet economy. Both short- and long-term investors will learn to generate profits through: A look at the new economy--and how the Internet is driving its growthComprehensive coverage of Nasdaq-weighted indexes, stocks, and mutual fundsNasdaq resources, including Top-50 stocks and valuable Web sites

MakeThe Nasdaq Trader's Toolkit
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Nothing has changed the markets more in the last few years than the advent of direct access, the combination of NASDAQ Level II quotes and direct order routing which together enable savvy traders to "hit" bids and offers and go up against the market makers. But just having access to these tools is not enough. Knowing how to use the tools-quickly and expertly-is key. In The NASDAQ Trader's Toolkit, a former market maker reveals the secrets of NASDAQ trading systems.
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Make The New NASDAQ Marketplace
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This book is based on the proceedings of The New NASDAQ Marketplace, a conference hosted by the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College on May 3, 2005. The text contains the edited transcript of the panel discussions and two major presentations, one by Gerald Putnam, President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of the NYSE Group; the other by Robert Greifeld, Chief Executive Officer of the NASDAQ Stock Market. Putnam was CEO of Archipelago at the time of the conference. As with the other books in this popular series, this book is more than an historical record. The manuscript has been heavily edited for clarity and unity of ideas. New material is included from interviews after the conference with many of the speakers. The intention has been to round out the discussions while being careful not to sacrifice the essential nature of the 1 original dialogue. A paper is included by Pagano and Schwartz, and a 2 separate paper by Jeffery Smith on the NASDAQ crosses is also provided. The former paper is the basis of Michael Pagano's remarks on the first panel, Reengineering a Marketplace. All through the editing process, we worked closely with the panelists so that we did not to put words in their mouths. They have all approved the final draft and we thank them here for their assistance. We also gratefully
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