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MakeJohn F. Kennedy
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The longest-running, single-topic documentary series on television, Biography(R) is not only one of television's most critically successful shows; it is one of the most popular. Celebrating it's fifteenth anniversary in 2002, Biography(R) has profiled over 1,000 people. This groundbreaking new series of illustrated biographies combines the intriguing, insightful approach of the tremendously popular A&E Biography television series, texts from some of today's best authors, and DK's illuminating visual style to explore the lives of history's most colorful figures. Acclaimed biographer Joyce Milton presents an insightful, objective assessment of the 35th president's life and legacy.

MakeJohn F. Kennedy
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Readers will be captivated by the remarkable accomplishments and riveting personalities featured in these biographies of the United States' greatest presidents. Concise writing, an illustrated presidential time line, and detailed sidebars tell the inside story of the men who shaped our great nation. Kennedy earned a place in history with his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis and support of the "Space Race."

MakeWho Was John F. Kennedy?
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The man who saved the lives of his PT-109 crewmen during WWII and became the 35th president fought-and won-his first battle at the age of two-and-a-half, when he was stricken with scarlet fever. Although his presidency was cut short, our nation's youngest elected leader left an indelible mark on the American consciousness and now is profiled in our "Who Was...?" series. Included are 100 black-and-white illustrations as well as a timeline that guides readers through this eventful period in history.

Make John F. Kennedy
ModelA Biography
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John F. Kennedy is revered as one of the United States' most iconic and inspirational presidents. Among his historic accomplishments, however, Kennedy was also a human being who made tragic miscalculations in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, publicly expressed doubts about democracy, and supported the use of fear-based tactics to manipulate the American people. John F. Kennedy: A Biography provides background information about the Kennedy family in the early 20th century, describes the rise of Joseph P. Kennedy as a major figure in American life, and chronicles the subsequent emergence of his second son, John F. Kennedy, as a leading figure in American politics. The authors provide a fascinating look at how the characteristics of a 23-year-old John F. Kennedy in 1940 were borne out in his performance as president two decades later.
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