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Make Complete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home
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-- Solar power is starting to make a resurgence in the energy market. This book should benefit from the Department of Energy's recently enacted "Million Solar Roofs" campaign aimed at increasing America's use of solar power. -- Competitive books are written by authors with either solar system engineering backgrounds or without any real credentials at all. Dan Ramsey is a knowledgeable and recognizable book-writing veteran within the home-improvement category. -- This book is the first aimed at the average homeowner who is interested in affordable and independent power generation and wants to determine whether solar power is the way to go and what's involved, but who is not interested in (or capable of) doing the actual installation. Demand for solar power has grown consistently by 20 to 25% per annum over the past 20 years. In the past few years this rate has actually climbed to 40%. Why? Advances in solar cells, lower costs of using solar power, unpredictable utility rates, consumer frustration with the lack of utility choices, and environmental issues have all converged to create a renewed interest in and rising demand for solar power. Over 25 states, and many more municipalities, are now offering tax and utility credits to those who use solar energy. The Complete Idiot's Guide "RM" to Solar Power for Your Home will show average readers how to generate their own electricity with solar panels. The book will cover everything short of how to physically install solar panels -- something that should be left to the experts.

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