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MakeDeluxe Marble Play Set With Shooter
Manufactuer ID16 Piece
Our deluxe marble play set includes all the marbles you need to get playing right out of the box! Each set comes complete with 15 classic glass marbles and a large glass marble shooter ball. The game of marbles has been played in one form or another for thousands of years and to this day remains a classic childhood game that adults love too. To play marbles the traditional way the player would place the marbles grouped inside a circle then the player would "shoot" the larger ball at the grouped marbles and see how many marbles would be knocked out of the circle. From here there are several variations. One variation sees how many turns it takes a player to knock all the marbles out of the circle. Other variations give the player a certain number of "shots" and the number of marbles knocked out are counted to determine your score for that round. At the end of several rounds the scores are totaled to determine the winner. You can play marbles vs an indefinite number of players or alone for self achievement. Either way you play marbles is a classic competitive game that can be played for fun or as classically played a game of wager. Kids can bet bubble gum, candy or trading cards and adults may like to wager more! The game of marbles is traditionally played on a dirt or sandy surface but modern users can use any smooth level surface for fun anywhere! Marbles also make a beautiful decoration in vases or centerpieces. **Our marbles are made of tradition green tint glass with assorted color ribbons in each, the marbles are shipped in assorted colors which may not be reflected by the images above. The images above do not reflect the exact styles you will receive; the pictures are for product representation only.
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