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Rub Sticks To Start Fire

Things you will need...
Types of wood to look for are sycamore, willow, and dogwood.
Make sure there isn't any sap in the wood.
Things you need to know...
Type of wood available, season, weather, etc.
Don't use dead/rotting wood; obviously dry.
You should be able to press into the wood. If you can't at all then it's too hard.
You may want to let your bow & drill cure for a bit take from fresh live trees.
How the process works...
Hand-Drill: You will need a fireboard (a small cedar board is good) and a thin, straight stick.
Fire Plow: Basically you push a stick along a groove in a board.
1. For tinder. Anything that is dry, fibrous, and will take a spark or catch and ignite should do. Pocket lint, feather down, dried mosses, and shredded plant fibers such as cedar bark are all good examples.
  • You should try to get a tinder bundle that is very dry and fine.
  • The tinder bundle is the first thing that you will burn.
2. Gather kindling. You will also need to gather together the kindling, which you will add to the tinder once you have the beginnings of your fire. Gather several handfuls of kindling, typically tiny pieces of wood in various sizes.
3. Find some larger firewood. Once your fire is up and running you will need to add some larger pieces of firewood to keep it fueled. It’s a good idea to get yourself a large stack of wood ready to use before you try to light the fire.
This takes a lot of practice.

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