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MakeLong Branch
ModelPeople and Places
Manufactuer ID
Long Branchas rich and varied past makes it one of Monmouth Countyas most important historic places. Although much of the physical evidence of its earlier days is gone, historian Randall Gabrielan has gathered a collection of images that vividly represent the New Jersey city that became a mecca for presidents, financiers, and gamblers. In Long Branch People and Places, tour stately summer homes, visit hotels of the gilded age, and behold Long Branchas famed Ocean Pierawidely considered a 19th-century engineering marvel. Through this collection of more than 200 photographs, discover how Long Branch developed into a significant resort in the 1800s, and gain insight into its business power, educational life, and spiritual being.

MakeLong Branch in the Golden Age
ModelTales of Fascinating and Famous People
Manufactuer ID
Elite Americans came to Long Branch to stroll along the shore, dance in the hotel ballrooms, gamble a fortune at the casinos, build magnificent mansions and socialize with the day's most powerful players in entertainment, industry and politics. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, summers at the shore meant Long Branch, New Jersey, for seven presidents and innumerable other American celebrities. From rags-to-riches industrialists to Broadway babies, and from heirs and heiresses to world-famous poets and artists, this seaside town was the ticket to summertime rest and relaxation. Sharon Hazard's enjoyable history details the comings and goings of those who visited and those who lived in Long Branch, New Jersey, serving up the glamour of the leisurely life alongside the daily struggles of those who made such carefree pleasure possible.

MakeProhibition on the North Jersey Shore
ModelGangsters on Vacation
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North Jersey Shore towns such as Long Branch, Ocean Grove, Red Bank and Atlantic Highlands began as quiet retreats for pious New Yorkers wishing to escape the vice and crime of the city. However, with the passage of Prohibition in 1919, the region became a haven for criminals who began smuggling liquor through the serene seaside. Speakeasies sprang up on virtually every corner, as gangsters like Vito Genovese, Charles Luciano and Meyer Lansky ruled this brutal underworld, taking advantage of the criminal opportunity of a lifetime. The police and politicians were in their pockets, while civilians were caught in the crossfire of gun battles between rival syndicates. Discover the true drama that captured the Jersey Shore during Prohibition.

MakeThousands of Broadways
ModelDreams and Nightmares of the American Small Town
Manufactuer ID
Broadway, the main street that runs through Robert Pinsky's home town of Long Branch, New Jersey, was once like thousands of other main streets in small towns across the country. But for Pinsky, one of America's most admired poets and its former Poet Laureate, this Broadway is the point of departure for a lively journey through the small towns of the American imagination. "Thousands of Broadways" explores the dreams and nightmares of such small towns--their welcoming yet suffocating, warm yet prejudicial character during their heyday, from the early nineteenth century through World War II. The citizens of quintessential small towns know one another extensively and even intimately, but fail to recognize the geniuses and criminal minds in their midst. Bringing the works of such figures as Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Alfred Hitchcock, Thornton Wilder, Willa Cather, and Preston Sturges to bear on this paradox, as well as reflections on his own time growing up in a small town, Pinsky explores how such imperfect knowledge shields communities from the anonymity and alienation of modern life. Along the way, he also considers how small towns can be small minded--in some cases viciously judgmental and oppressively provincial. Ultimately, Pinsky examines the uneasy regard that creative talents like him often have toward the small towns that either nurtured or thwarted their artistic impulses. Of living in a small town, Sherwood Anderson once wrote that "the sensation is one never to be forgotten. On all sides are ghosts, not of the dead, but of living people." Passionate, lyrical, and intensely moving, Thousands of Broadways is a rich exploration of this crucial theme in American literature by one of its most distinguished figures.

Make Ocean City New Jersey
Manufactuer IDVolume 2
Ocean City is among the nations most popular vacation destinations. Founded in 1879, it has evolved from a Christian-oriented summer resort to a year-round community that mirrors the many facets of Americas diversity. The areas wide, sandy beaches and lively boardwalk continue to attract thousands of visitors each year. Ocean City, New Jersey Volume II uncovers many more vintage photographs of the towns seaside attractions and features rare scenes of the community, its politics, the impact of World War II, and the unusual events that have become the hallmark of parades and celebrations held here. From Martin Z. Mollusk to the Miss Miscellaneous Contest, Ocean City has had a long and animated history of offbeat traditions.

MakeFort Monmouth
Manufactuer ID
The U.S. Army established Fort Monmouth in June 1917, just a few months after Congress declared war on Germany. It initially served as a signal training camp for the First and Second Reserve Telegraph Battalions. The first camp, on the grounds of the old Monmouth Park racetrack, was named Camp Little Silver. The army renamed the camp Fort Monmouth in 1925 to honor the brave Americans who died at the Revolutionary War battle of Monmouth Courthouse a few miles away in Freehold. For almost a century, the dedicated military and civilian personnel of the fort have made groundbreaking advances in developing, fielding, and sustaining communications and electronics systems. These breakthroughs have included the development of radar in 1937, bouncing the first electronic signals off of the moon in 1946, and producing the first communications satellite in 1958.

MakeEatontown and Fort Monmouth
Manufactuer ID
For more than 200 years Eatontown, Oceanport, and West Long Branch shared a proud history as one township, and this book covers that communityas heritage from the Colonial and Victorian eras through the 1950s. It also highlights the importance of Fort Monmouth, a US Army communications research facility that has now been listed as a maritime site on the New Jersey Coast Heritage Trail. Through the pages of this book we meet presidents and magnates; read local newspapers from over a hundred years ago; learn the history of the Jersey Shoreas horse-racing tradition; discover ghosts and grisly crimes; and experience war, industrial revolution, the coming of the railroad, and great disasters from our past. Above all, we meet the people who have created Eatontown over the centuries at work, at play, in church, and at school. This book is a wonderful journey into a rich and diverse pastaa past that will prove fascinating to resident and visitor alike.

MakeAsbury Park (Images of America)
Manufactuer ID
Asbury Park, founded as a Christian resort community on the Jersey shore by developer James A. Bradley at the turn of the century, was carved from a small but impressive tract of undulating sand dunes and towering forests. This marvelous new photographichistory chronicles the early development of Bradley's resort, and looks at some of the other influential civic and religious leaders who contributed to the city's heritage. Bradley's ability to market and promote Asbury Park in the early years was noteworthy; the first streets in town were named after prominent political and religious figures, and a good deal of signage advertised the city'sChristian image to those passing through. To attract visitors, Bradley sponsored the East Coast's first baby parade and music on the boardwalk. Over the years, Asbury Park became home to a variety of different cultures and religious faiths, and this book--published in the centennial year of the city's incorporation--offersearly evidence of the city's diversity.

MakeHistoric Photos of New Jersey
Manufactuer ID
One of the thirteen original colonies, the state of New Jersey is a study in contrasts. It is both the Garden State, home to the Rutgers tomato, but also the birthplace of the nation's first industrial complex, Alexander Hamilton's Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures. The onetime industrial behemoths, from Paterson in the north to Camden in the south, give way to legendary resort towns along the coast like Ocean City and Cape May. Baby Parades that began at Asbury Park still delight New Jerseyans, where once the Lindbergh kidnapping at Hopewell engendered grief. In 1877, Menlo Park became the birthplace of Edison's phonograph, and in 1938 Orson Welles would use a radio broadcast to bring an imaginary invasion of Martians to Grover's Mill. The Miss America Pageant grew famous in Atlantic City, just as the Hindenburg airship disaster at Lakehurst remains etched in the historical memory of Americans everywhere. Historic Photos of New Jersey is a kaleidoscopic tour of this colorful state, from the early days of photography in the 1860s to the recent past in the 1970s. Nearly 200 photographs reproduced in vivid black-and-white, with informative captions and introductions, tell the story.

MakeBradley Beach Treasures
ModelReflections of the Jersey Shore (American Chronicles)
Manufactuer ID
In a cycle of life as regular as the tide, generations of families have summered in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, a unique and historical one-square-mile oceanfront community located between Asbury Park and Belmar. Revel in the joys of the Jersey Shore in this new collection of nostalgic stories contributed by loyal residents of Bradley Beach. Steeped in history and rich in beach culture, Bradley Beach Treasures offers a warm glimpse of life through the 1900s with essays, poems, anecdotes, photographs and memorabilia.

MakeGreetings from New Jersey
ModelA Postcard Tour of the Garden State
Manufactuer ID
Long before Bruce Springsteen picked up a glossy Tichnor Brothers postcard to decorate his first album cover in 1973, vacationers were sending the signature "Greetings from Asbury Park" card to family and friends. They were also mailing greetings from Newark, Camden, Sea Isle City, and Seaside Heights. In fact, sending postcards began as a fad in the final years of the nineteenth century and continues to this day as travel-happy Americans send their loved ones "wish you were here" messages from destinations far and wide. Greetings from New Jersey is the first book to look back at the postcards that have played a part in New Jersey's travel industry. Basing the structure of the book on the state's six official tourism regions - Gateway, Skylands, the Delaware River, Greater Atlantic City, the Southern Shore, and the Shore - Helen-Chantal Pike provides through her section introductions and lengthy captions a general history of each region and a detailed history of each postcard. The nearly four hundred postcards included in the book have been selected from her personal collection of more than three thousand. The final chapter of the book elaborates on the history of postcard use from 1893, and details the different collectible genres of postcards. Accessibly written and loaded with full color reproductions of vintage postcards, Greetings from New Jersey will be of interest not only to tourists, but to all state residents and historians as well.

MakeHenry Hudson Trail
ModelCentral RR of NJ's Seashore Branch
Manufactuer ID
The Central Railroad of New Jersey's Seashore Branch provided rail and boat services from New York City to points along the New Jersey Shore. It discontinued passenger service in 1966, with the last freight train operating in 1983. Official abandonment proceedings sparked the need to keep the right of way for future mass transit needs. This led to interim use. Today, the area is called the Henry Hudson Trail and is one of over 500 parks referred to nationally as a Rail-Trail. This free, ten-mile-long, hiking, biking, and walking trail is administered by the Monmouth County Parks System, and connects several towns of the Raritan Bay shore area. This rare look will enlighten trail users through images of views gone forever, while pointing out structures still in place. Over 200 images are set in geographical sequence to guide the reader along the trail.

MakeNewark, New Jersey
Manufactuer ID
Founded in 1666 by stalwart Puritan settlers along the Passaic River, Newark has evolved over the centuries from an ecclesiastical hamlet into a metropolis renowned as a center of industry and opportunity. The history of Newark is an engaging tale of American ambition, resolve, innovation, and spirit, propelling the city into a premier role on the world's economic and cultural stage. From Newark's initial settlement to the present, this comprehensive volume chronicles the fascinating story of the city's past, bringing to life many of the events and characters that shaped its unique heritage and traditions. Readers will journey across epochs of change, on horseback and trolley, in stagecoach and automobile, on plank roads and mammoth cement turnpikes, and will experience firsthand the community's conflicts and developments, from its days as a strategic crossroads for both Continental and British troops during the American Revolution to its elevation as an industrial hub for businesses in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Touching upon its human face, Newark, New Jersey recognizes an assortment of religious, political, and cultural figures and leaders, such as the famed Reverends Abraham Pierson Sr. and Aaron Burr Sr., the imaginative entrepreneurial pioneer Seth Boyden, and the quintessential American inventor Thomas A. Edison, and details their impact on the growing community.

MakeLong Branch
Manufactuer ID
In days gone by, Long Branch was filled with the mansions of millionaires, a business district bustling with commerce, and an oceanfront dotted with glittering gambling casinos and the finest hotels. At the dawn of the 20th century, everyone flocked to Ocean Avenue, either as a resident or visitor just taking in the sights. Some of these people were well-known actors, politicians, and business tycoons of the day. Others were day-trippers here to enjoy the cool breezes and summer entertainment that Long Branch had to offer. Some local citizens worked in the city, helping to maintain its reputation as the premier summer resort in the nationa distinction bestowed by Mary Todd Lincoln when she visited in the summer of 1861. Many people came to Long Branch for many reasons, but all of them had one thing in common, the important role they played in its proud past.

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