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Make EdgeStar
ModelDeluxe Mini Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser
Manufactuer ID
Vendor Shop CompactAppliance.com!
Serve you and your friends or family with refreshing draft beer from a mini keg using the EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser (TBC50S). The compact size and lightweight construction - along with the included AC/DC power adapters - enable the EdgeStar TBC50S kegerator to readily go from the home countertop to a tailgate party or RV application - perfect for the active beer connoisseur. Note: The TBC50S EdgeStar Mini Kegerator is able to dispense beer from non-pressurized 5L kegs with the purchase of the TBC50-ACC Accessory Pack. Electronic Temperature Controls: With the easy-to-use controls, you can reach and maintain your desired beer temperature to further enjoy your brews Compact Size: Standing under 15 high and with a compact footprint, this kegerator is ideal for countertop use- whether in the kitchen, wet bar, or anywhere else Cleaning Kit : Keep your draft components clean and your beer fresh using the included cleaning kit Can Work On AC/DC : This kegerator is both AC and DC compatible, and also includes both adapters for added convenience and portability

ModelUltra Low Temp Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion
Manufactuer ID
Vendor Shop CompactAppliance.com!
The EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion (BR2000BL) is the refrigerator used to build the EdgeStar kegerator. This unit is designed to work with the beer line components and hardware included with the EdgeStar KC2000, and it's great for your homemade kegerator project or for replacing the refrigerator unit of your kegerator only. The refrigerator unit is UL listed and stores up to a full-sized half shell Sankey standard keg. It features a reversible door and casters for easy mobility. EdgeStar full size kegerators are capable of reaching temperatures in the low 30s making them the coldest kegerators out of any on the market. It does not support the use of Coors or Miller rubberized kegs or other oversized kegs.

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