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MakeTyvek Hood
ModelMaintenance Free
Manufactuer ID037-9910D
Vendor  UnbeatableSale
  • Our niosh-approved maintenance free tyvek hood is so unique, it's patented.
  • This hood is designed with the breathing or down tube and head suspension completely integrated so that the hood assembly is constructed into a one-piece instead of the standard three-piece assembly.
  • This eliminates the need for decontamination of the breathing tube or replacement parts, because the entire hood assembly is disposed of after use.
  • The down tube is integrated into the hood, it is maintenance free and completely disposable.
  • Offered in poly-coated dupont tyvek, it is flexible, splash resistant and seals in the air flow.
  • The breathing tube incorporates a multi-layer sound dampening system made of foam extending up inside the hood that prevents the tube from being crushed or twisted during use.
  • It allows the system to meet stringent niosh requirements for sound levels inside a hood.
  • The disposable hood brings air down across the lens which minimizes fogging and brings air to the breathing area.
  • A large viewing window provides a wide field of vision and its generous size makes it perfect for workers with beards or goggles.
  • Its large bib provides splash protection and allows it to be tucked into a suit where it directs air to the body.
  • The disposable one-piece suspension offers easy adjustment with a hook and loop closure and an absorbent foam headband.
  • Lens covers - 10 per package

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