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Medicare is an important source of health-care coverage for almost all Americans aged 65 and over. It can also be one of the most confusing subjects with which citizens must contend. Among the first books to examine the impact of the 2010 health-care reforms on the program, "Medicare" reviews Medicare's history, explores its current coverages and problems, and takes a look at its probable future. Readers will learn about attempts to pass Medicare legislation, as well as about many of the important changes that have occurred since 1965. They will read about continuing cost concerns over the years and about modifications in both hospital and physician payment approaches. Critically for today's readers, the book examines current issues, such as drug coverage, HMO/managed care options, long-term-care coverage, the demographic-based funding crisis, Medicaid, and the impact of recent health-care reforms. The goal throughout is to help consumers understand Medicare so we can insure that the program remains strong.

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Including up-to-date details about Medicare in light of the 2010 Health Care Reform bill, this book will help readers understand past concerns about the program, as well as current issues and ways to address them.

Make Reforming Medicare
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Everyone agrees on the need to reform Medicare but not on how to do it. Some argue the program is too comprehensive, others that it is not comprehensive enough. Some suggest it pays too much for health care, others, too little. Meanwhile, the financial stakes continue to mount. Medicare spending exceeded $400 billion in 2007, making it more expensive than the entire health systems of most other nations, as well as the largest national public program other than Social Security and national defense. In R eforming Medicare, Henry J. Aaron and Jeanne M. Lambrew deftly guide readers through this complex debate. They identify and analyze the three leading approaches to reform. Updated social insurance would retain the current system while rationalizing coverage and reducing bureaucracy. Premium support would replace the current system with a capped, per-person payment that beneficiaries could use to buy health insurance. Consumer-directed Medicare would have beneficiaries pay for care up to a high deductible from government- supported savings accounts and offer premium-support coverage above the deductible. In addition to rating each option on its ability to promote access to health care, improve the quality of care, and control costs, the authors evaluate each reform's political strengths and weaknesses. Given the heat generated by the Medicare debate, it is unlikely that any single approach will be implemented in full. Consequently, Aaron and Lambrew describe incremental strategies that blend elements of each plan. Their analysis provides essential insight into the types of hybrid policies that Congress will consider in coming years.

MakeMedicare Handbook
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The Medicare Handbook covers all the major changes that have been made to the Medicare program since the 2003 edition was published and provides useful information about these changes and how they will impact Medicare law practice and client access to services and benefits. The addition of a new Medicare Part, D, creating a Medicare prescription drug benefit in Medicare starting in 2006, represents one of the more significant changes to the Medicare program since its inception. The Medicare Handbook examines this new Medicare benefit and the interim Medicareendorse prescription drug discount card program, which began in June 2004. The Medicare Handbook also provides information on other Medicare benefit and structural changes, including: Restoration of a moratorium on physical, speech and occupational therapy caps - Increased payments to managed care plans - Some new preventive benefits and services under Medicare Part B - Increasing the jurisdictional amount for ALJ review starting in 2005 - Introducing a cost containment program by creating a new definition of Medicare insolvency - and Changing the name of entities that process Medicare Claims from fiscal intermediaries (Part A) and carriers (Part B) to Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs.). In addition, the Medicare Handbook provides detailed citations to relevant statutes, case law, regulations, and agency manual provisions. Each chapter is accompanied by appendices containing important documents and charts that facilitate Medicare practice and information sharing.

Make Making Medicare
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Since the 1980s, Australians have had a system of universal health care that is often taken for granted. But the road there wasn't easy. Making Medicare is a comprehensive account of Australia's long, tortuous, and unconventional path toward universal health careas it was established, abolished, and introduced againand of the reforms that brought it into being. With its detailed investigation of the policy debates that have determined the shape of health care in Australia, this book is the most thorough survey of Medicare's history published to date. But it is not just about the past. The authors offer a timely overview of further reforms needed to address the challenges facing our health care system: new technologies, the aging population, and the rising tide of chronic disease.

MakeMedicare For Dummies
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The fast and easy way to get up to speed on Medicare Since the creation of Medicare in 1965, significant changes have affected the legislation. With 77 million baby boomers entering the program, questions about what Medicare is and how it affects seniors are certain to arise. Medicare For Dummies addresses this uncertain topic and helps those eligible for Medicare benefits maneuver the complicated process. Topics include: summary of Medicare benefits; Medicare coverage options; Medicare rights and protections; updated information on changes to Medicare based on recent changes in healthcare legislation; how the economy affects Medicare; and more. Includes up-to-date information on the changing healthcare landscape so recipients can take advantage of the new provisions Helps readers make sense of Medicare in these uncertain times If you're one of the millions of Americans looking to get the lowdown on Medicare, this hands-on, friendly guide has you covered.

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