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MakeChromosome Botany
Manufactuer ID
Vendor  Betterworldbooks
The book covers both the basics of plant chromosomes as well as advances such as molecular characteristics, to give the reader an understanding of the chromosome as vehicle of hereditary transmission. It is meant for all levels of students in genetics, evolution, and biodiversity.

MakeIroquois Medical Botany
Manufactuer ID
Vendor  Betterworldbooks
The world view of the Iroquois League is based on a strong cosmological belief system. This is the first book to provide a guide to understanding the use of herbal medicines in traditional Iroquois culture. Herrick and Snow relate Native American cosmology to cultural themes by showing the inherent spiritual power of plants and how the Iroquois traditionally have used plants as remedies. In all, 287 phenomena are listed. "A compilation of 454 plants listed by family classification with usage data collected from about 75 Iroquois authorities .... Recipes for preparation, modes of application, and dosages are given for most of the plants, many illustrated line drawings.... Recommended for ethnobotanical collections". -- Choice

MakeBotany for Artists
Manufactuer ID
Vendor  Betterworldbooks
An introduction to plant science for artists who wish to draw or paint plants or flowers without sacrificing technical accuracy to aesthetic quality Many botanical artists struggle when closely observing their subject and do not have the structural knowledge necessary to enhance the quality and precision of their work. This informative book addresses the intricacies of plant and floral structure, form, and behavior, seeking to equip artists with a more comprehensive understanding of botany. It explains basic biological concepts to enhance the understanding of observation, introducing all main groups of plants and fungi; provides a springboard of knowledge to enable the reader to tackle more academic literature; offers observation helpsheets; and encourages a more confident approach to botanical painting and illustration.

MakeBotany for Gardeners
ModelAn Introduction and Guide
Manufactuer ID
Vendor  Betterworldbooks
A clear, nontechnical explanation of how plants work, and our bestselling book. It succeeds in explaining the complex processes of plant growth, functions, adaptation, responses, and reproduction in simple language. As the author intended, the gardener can come to understand a plant "from the plant's point of view."

MakeOpium Poppy
ModelBotany, Chemistry, and Pharmacology
Manufactuer ID
Vendor  Betterworldbooks
Here is an in-depth examination of the opium poppy--the first medicinal plant known to mankind. In Opium Poppy: Botany, Chemistry, and Pharmacology, author L. D. Kapoor provides readers with a comprehensive resource on poppy production from seed to alkaloid. He explores the opium poppy's origin, distribution, chemistry, and uses and abuses from ancient civilizations through the present day. He covers plant and seed production and crop improvement and explores in detail the chemical and pharmaceutical by-products of the opium poppy. The book begins with a historical overview of the origin and use of opium poppy in ancient civilizations such as Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. Chapters that follow contain detailed information on: botanical studiescytogenics and plant breedingagronomy, including insect and pest control measuresphysiological and anatomical studieschemical and pharmacological aspects of opium alkaloidsbiosynthesis and physiology of opium alkaloidsthe occurrence and role of alkaloids in plantsthe evaluation of analgesic actions of morphine in various pain models in experimental animalsOpium Poppy: Botany, Chemistry, and Pharmacology is a useful reference for professionals and students of pharmacy, botany, chemistry, medicine, and pharmacology who need a better overall understanding of this ancient plant and its (potential) modern usage.

MakeThe Cannabis Breeder's Bible
ModelThe Definitive Guide to Marijuana Genetics, Cannabis Botany and Creating Strains for the Seed Market
Manufactuer ID
Vendor  Betterworldbooks
The Cannabis Breeder's Bible offers real-world, professional techniques for breeding primo pot and gives precise growing information for 60 popular marijuana varieties. The book covers new hybridization techniques, international seed law issues, protecting new breeds or strains from knockoff artists, shipping seeds and clones, breeding lab designs, product testing, primordial cannabis, landrace and lost strains, common mutations, and more. This useful guide also features a wealth of photographs, instructive illustrations, and in-depth interviews with breeders and seed bank professionals.

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