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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

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:irc.location.best NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname...
:irc.location.best NOTICE AUTH :*** Found your hostname
PING :C27902CD
:irc.location.best 451 JOIN :You have not registered
:irc.location.best 001 Guest_12 :Welcome to the Location.best IRC Network Guest_12!Guest_12@location.best
:irc.location.best 002 Guest_12 :Your host is irc.location.best, running version Unreal3.2.10.6
:irc.location.best 003 Guest_12 :This server was created Fri Jul 24 2020 at 05:11:27 EDT
:irc.location.best 004 Guest_12 irc.location.best Unreal3.2.10.6 iowghraAsORTVSxNCWqBzvdHtGpI lvhopsmntikrRcaqOALQbSeIKVfMCuzNTGjZ
:irc.location.best 005 Guest_12 UHNAMES NAMESX SAFELIST HCN MAXCHANNELS=31 CHANLIMIT=#:31 MAXLIST=b:60,e:60,I:60 NICKLEN=30 CHANNELLEN=32 TOPICLEN=307 KICKLEN=307 AWAYLEN=307 MAXTARGETS=20 :are supported by this server
:irc.location.best 005 Guest_12 WALLCHOPS WATCH=128 WATCHOPTS=A SILENCE=15 MODES=12 CHANTYPES=# PREFIX=(ohv)@%+ CHANMODES=beIqa,kfL,lj,psmntirRcOAQKVCuzNSMTGZ NETWORK=Location.best CASEMAPPING=ascii EXTBAN=~,qjncrRa ELIST=MNUCT STATUSMSG=@%+ :are supported by this server
:irc.location.best 005 Guest_12 EXCEPTS INVEX CMDS=KNOCK,MAP,DCCALLOW,USERIP,STARTTLS :are supported by this server
:irc.location.best 251 Guest_12 :There are 1 users and 2 invisible on 1 servers
:irc.location.best 254 Guest_12 10 :channels formed
:irc.location.best 255 Guest_12 :I have 3 clients and 0 servers
:irc.location.best 265 Guest_12 3 7 :Current local users 3, max 7
:irc.location.best 266 Guest_12 3 7 :Current global users 3, max 7